Nordic Payments Council:
Press Release, June 2022

Camilla’s appointment follows a robust selection process overseen by the NPC Board of Directors.

Before stepping in as Secretary General of the NPC, Camilla has held the position as Product Manager at the Large Corporates & Financial Institutions division at SEB.

With almost 30 years of experience in the banking services industry, Camilla has a wealth of knowledge in payments and clearing from national and international banking operations. Besides her normal position as Product Manager, she sets strategies and targets for the product development within her area of responsibility. She has also represented SEB in external forums such as NPC Scheme Management Committee (SMC), Krissamverkan i Betalningssystemet at Sveriges Riksbank; Kommittén för Betalningar och Regelverk and Styrgruppen för Clearing at Swedish Bankers’ Association; and other relevant working groups supporting the future payment infrastructure such as Bankgiro ManagementforumStrategisk BankrefernsgruppKundforum Clearing; and product advisory boards such as Betalningar I Realtid (BiR)In- och Utbetalningar; and Autogiro at Bankgirot.

Michael Busk-Jepsen, NPC Chair, commented:

“The Board and I have every confidence in the knowledge and expertise that Camilla brings to the NPC. The Board of Directors believe she has demonstrated, in her positions at SEB, that she is the right person to lead the organisation through and contributing to safe, efficient, economically balanced, and sustainable, convenient domestic and cross border multicurrency payments in the Nordics.”

Camilla Åkerman, incoming Secretary General, commented:

“Being appointed as the Secretary General is a privilege and an honour. I am thankful to the Board. The coming years will offer an exciting period as the Nordic payments landscape will radically transform. The NPC plays a vital role in the harmonisation of payment standards. Looking back at my career and experience, I conclude that I feel comfortable and prepared for the upcoming journey. I look forward to leading this organisation to deliver on the NPC vision.”

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